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BFV Chapters


Mission: Our Mission is to assist Veterans who reside in Florida. The process is to help those who are disabled. Obtain their Compassionate Use Card (Florida's MMJ Card).


However, we have a lot of battles going on currently in Florida. There are a few that majorly affect all patients and are currently the main focus points. 

Currently, our "Goal" is to help make the public aware of the Unconstitutional Injustice that Gov. Rick Scott has placed upon terminal patients.  Twice now, the Circuit Courts have found that the DoH has denied proper delivery systems of Medical Cannabis to patients.  As well as the option to grew your own medicine. That both cases were classified "Unconstitutional".


So now it is our job to ban together. Support each other and make sure we educated everyone for the coming up election. We must be heard!


Members: The Florida Chapter consists of currently 1,000+ members on Facebook and expanding daily. We have members from all over the state. All the way from Jax down to the Keys.


Meetings: We currently have monthly meetings in Saint Augustine. On the "First" Saturday of every month. Events are posted on our Facebook Page. Things are in the works for more meeting sites. As not all can attend the North FL monthly meetings.


If you live in Florida and would like to join this Chapter of BFV. Please click on this link and it will direct you to our "Buds For Vets Florida" page. Hit the "Join Button" and please answer the 3 questions for Approval.

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