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Heather Schieferle
Founder and Executive Director

Heather Schieferle is the daughter of a Vietnam Era Marine, a mother to 3 children and a community leader by example. She realized the need for Veteran’s affordable access to Cannabis as a safe, natural alternative to the often fatal pills pushed onto our Veterans. She has spent countless hours over the last 7 years fighting for Medicinal Marijuana in Florida after voting for it 25 years ago as a resident of California. She is the Founder,  Executive Director and non voting Board of Directors member of Buds for Vets, Inc. A Florida Nonprofit. As well as cannabis advocate for all patients and Founder of The Florida Pediatric Cannabis Club. 

Melissa Hutton
Intake Coordinator

Melissa Hutton is an Air Force veteran whom is passionate to help other Veterans find relief in medical marijuana.  She is a fighter and a major inspiration to all of us at Buds For Vets! Melissa is the backbone of the organization who works close with patients and Doctors.

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